Deal A Day

you guys should offer a Deal-A-Day type thing where u offer a different item from the site each day at a huge discount.

Stores only do that when products don’t sell all that well. YYE has the best staff and stuff around. Can’t beat em.

I agree… the best by far. Inventory, service, resources… all top notch.

Yeah, YYE has the best store around, very friendly staff, and best owner! ;D

That would be cool, but like everyone else is saying they really dont need to do it in order to sell product…I could see them doing a “buy one get of less value 25% off”, a “happy holidays 10% off your purchase coupon” or something like that though, but they really dont need to.

YYE is pretty top notch and even the national yoyo day deal surprised me because even without it people would of went nuts on the store… However it can be unwise to offer deals up so often. People end up just waiting till something goes on sale rather than buying it when they need. Some sites do this OFTEN which confuses me on how they make money if they do so many deals.