Davideyo's vlog

Yup, here it is: http://vimeo.com/6584182

You just turned into my favorite vlogger.

Sorry Samad. lol

Also, Palli is the best yoyoer ever.

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Wow! Thanks man that meens alot :o

Nice! I really like your vlog, its good to know you. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Cyborg? You mean first run gung fu?

This really made me want to make a vlog, but I have this annoying issue with my camera microphone.

Addment: Maybe I should try recording with two devices and then sync the good audio with the good video.

Great first Vlog next time though try not to do a vlog right after riding your bike the heavy breathing is one thing i personally find to be a mjor downer in vlogs and try keeping your camera level with your face just kind of another peeve of mine but over all great vlog plenty of info

Ok thanks!

Yes i told my brother that. ::slight_smile: He said it’s evan made of delrin.