David Yoyos presents: The Dreamland, an undersized D bearing bimetal

Hello, I am officially launching my new brand, David Yoyos. The goal of this brand is to bring to life unique and experimental yoyo designs that use ideas that have not been tried before. I present to you the prototype of my first release, the Dreamland. It is an undersized D bearing bimetal.

Here are the specs:

Diameter: 50mm
Width: 43mm
Gap Width: 4.6mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum + Stainless Steel
Weight: 60g
Weight of SS rings: 33g
Bearing size: D
Pad size: 19x13x1.15mm

The goal of this yoyo was to make something that is small, lightweight, and focused on fun, but balances this with performance in order to power through any tricks you throw at it. Undersized yoyos offer a unique experience and can help you maneuver through creative tech tricks. Their downside is that they can lack in power or be made too heavy playing in order to get enough stability. The Dreamland is designed in order to get past these hurdles by optimizing performance at a lower weight. The huge stainless steel rims and D bearing give it a huge amount of stability and spin power. The 43mm width gives it enough catch zone to be a bit more forgiving for challenging tricks, without making it so wide that it sacrifices stability. I am very happy with this prototype and I don’t think it will need much of any revisions for production.

Some of the protos have been sold already, but I still have a few left. The price is $110 shipped to the United States, and I can work out international shipping too. Each one comes with extra pads and a Zipline string. Message me on any platform to buy. I am also looking to gauge interest for the production run, so let me know if this yoyo is appealing to you. Comment what colors you would like to see!

The best way to get updates is to follow me on Instagram: Login • Instagram
I will also be posting about future releases on this thread, and on other parts of the online yoyo community such as Facebook groups.


Very much applaud you for thinking outside if the box and putting it into production. It’s courageous compared to making something you know appeals to the masses.

As far as colors. I’m not the right person to ask but I’ll express what I like.

Brown and silver Eetsit colorway

The work gruntbull did for general yo on the Prestige below

Get gruntbull to do some work similar to these rare peaks.

Etching on the stainless steel rims

Get Saturday market licensed through Onedrop

Get with Bryan and make an unknown model

Get Coffin to put a design in the cups


WOW this looks great !!! Can’t wait to hear more and try out some throws from your company :grin: the purple with raw ss rims look great !!! And just as a recommendation I think we would all love to see a clear with rainbow rims colorway if possible. I think it will look amazing with this yo-yo. and I love the name dreamland it’s really catchy btw :wink:


I was already considering doing this colorway actually!


YES !!! you saved my (yo-yo) life :joy: I’m glad your thinking of making this colorway I’m sure EVERYONE will be chasing after it. (mostly me) :sweat_smile:


Clear with rainbow rims always catches my attention! And yellow based colorways, I need more yellow.


This yoyo looks awesome ! I cant wait to give it a try . Im kind of lame but I like black and red a lot .


So sad I missed this one. Hope I get another chance at it sometime in the future. Great work!

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I have made a Discord server for my brand. Join for exclusive announcements and promotions, and also just to chat. I have more yoyo related updates coming very soon.


congratulations @ExYoyoAddict for getting this from ground up to production!


Thank you! I am very excited.

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Mine arrived today. Quick impressions are that it’s not heavy feeling at all, in fact it’s rather floaty, very agile and plenty of stability. It is very comfortable to throw, binds are great, and very smooth. Pics below, banana colored freehand for scale.


Baby blue with white or black rims

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Glad you like it, I appreciate this short review.

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It really surprised me with its performance, everything you said about it in its description is no exaggeration. I’m having a blast with it.

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Boy, that certainly looks like a winner.

And that name. What a coincidence. Because that’s exactly where I must’ve been when you sold the Protos.

In dreamland


Definitely keeping my eyes peeled for this in the future :eyes:

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