Darnell Hairston: Protege

(Steve Brown) #1


Im real happy for Darnell. He deserves it, I mean he is reeeeeaally good! :wink:


Is This The Steve Brown,The Steve Brown Who Invented 5a?!

It Is!! (goes into girl-ish scream)

You changed the whole world of yo-yoing,And That Is A Good Thing!!

Go 5a!!


He invented 5a. Historic.

(Troy(oyo) #5

Awesome tricks, awesome vid. Great job!


(1A) #7

i dont understand did yoyofactory sponser darnell?


he is really good!!!


Hit the wrong button again. Anyways, he is Steve’s protege


Yes, when your a Protege, you’re sponsored. Still all the benefits, just different team.

(1A) #11

what do you mean different teams


protege team is yoyofactorys up and coming team. they arent quite ready for the full contest team yet, but they feel that with a bit of mentoring these proteges will be great yoyo players and eventually graduate to the contest team. the contest team is the main yyf team.