Darnell Hairston: Protege

Im real happy for Darnell. He deserves it, I mean he is reeeeeaally good! :wink:

Is This The Steve Brown,The Steve Brown Who Invented 5a?!

It Is!! (goes into girl-ish scream)

You changed the whole world of yo-yoing,And That Is A Good Thing!!

Go 5a!!

He invented 5a. Historic.

Awesome tricks, awesome vid. Great job!

i dont understand did yoyofactory sponser darnell?

he is really good!!!

Hit the wrong button again. Anyways, he is Steve’s protege

Yes, when your a Protege, you’re sponsored. Still all the benefits, just different team.

what do you mean different teams

protege team is yoyofactorys up and coming team. they arent quite ready for the full contest team yet, but they feel that with a bit of mentoring these proteges will be great yoyo players and eventually graduate to the contest team. the contest team is the main yyf team.