My sleep time is 30 sec??? and its always titled any suggests

Just work on your throw, or maybe something is wrong with your bearing, or something has got into it. It could easily be your throw though.

Is your bearing spinning when you flick it? If not, is it making any grinding noises? If so, clean it and thin lube it. If it’s not, put a drop of thin lube in it and play with it for a while. If it is spinning fine, practice your throw

get a kk (konkave bearing) that will straighten your throw, as for the bad sleep time, your bearing is probably bad, if you get the kk it will improve sleep time also.

If it is always tilting then the problem is your throw. Keep practicing and you will get better.

The KK Bearing is no replacement for a good throw!!!
Just work on your throw or clean your bearing, but do not worry about buying a KK bearing. Playingth a flat bearing is one of the best things you can do to start with.