Dark Magic Problem...?

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Hey, I’ve been having an issue with my Dark Magic 2 snapping back on me. Has a Type X Centre Trac bearing, and 19mm IrPad response, so it should be really unresponsive. Does it take a special size pad? It worked fine when I got it, but it’s not what it used to be. I clean and lubricate the bearing when needed, change the string when it wears out, anything else I can try? Any help appreciated.


I’ve never heard of Ir pads in a dm2, but the pads are 19mm outer diameter on it. The bearing might be weird in the seat, maybe take it apart and try to put the bearing back in. You also might have got some debris in the bearing.


Perhaps your bearing and pads just need a little break in time.

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They’ve been in the yoyo for a couple months now, so they should be broken in… I might have to try different pads. I find that the usual 19mm pads are tricky to get in though.

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I thought of that too, so i tried some of my other bearings. They work fine, it’s smooth and quiet, but if I try a trick with more than one layer of string, it grabs it and binds back. even in tricks like Buddha’s Revenge it’ll grab the string. I think it may be the pads? I’m not too sure.


Are the pads flush with the walls of the yoyo or are they protruding out? You might want to take a razor and shave them flush if they aren’t already.
If it’s the plastic or metal parts of the yoyo itself, you may want to take some sandpaper and (LIGHTLY as to not sand away crucial material) smooth out anything that might be sticking out and slowing down your bearing or catching your string.


Maybe you use too much lube. Clean it again and don’t lube it. See what that does. Be sure to remove the shields when you clean it.

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I’ll have to try that. one pad is flush, but the other one is raised a bit on the inside… I had a hard time getting them to fit in the yoyo though. If this doesn’t work, ill try new pads.


I have only used the YYJ Silicone pads on my DM and I have no complaints so those are what I use.

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Ok cool, thanks. I’ll have to pick some up on my next order.


I’ve got IR pads in my DM2 at the moment, I don’t play it a whole lot any more but they work fine, just check they are seated properly, mine were ea bit of a tight fit.


The irpads aren’t the problem. The YYJ pads are the exact same size as the standard irpads.

Either your bearing is the problem or the pads need to be broken in. I’m guessing its the latter. New pads will also be grippy and maybe little responsive when you first put them in, they just need to be broken in.

(rizkiyoist) #13

Remove the string then put it around the bearing once, pull it quickly so the bearing spins. If it doesn’t spin for at least a few seconds, the bearing is dirty or over lubed and needs cleaning.