dark magic kinda broken

ok so when i got my dm when i was a beginner i put on some thick lube and started playing with it. not knowing that you have to get the bearing dry so it doesnt rust. so then i started playing and a few weeks later i only could sleep my dm for 30 secs. what the heck i said. so i looked at the bearing and it was all rusted. what should i do get a new bearing i dont know help me. (dont say clean it because it wont get the rust off).

no if u clean it the thick lube will get out of the bearing thick lube slows down the bearing so it sleeps less buts its more responseve

Who told you that? Because dry bearings have a bigger chance of rusting. Try giving a small spray of WD-40, let it seep a bit then clean it with mineral spirits. After that, overlube the bearing to the beyond. Then break it in again.

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