Dark magic II replacement bearing

I wanted to replace my dark magic 2 bearing. One day I was playing it and it started making a weird sound so I cleaned it. I used mineral spirits and a very small amount of thin lube. After this clean the spin time went down by one minute and it became responsive. I cleaned it again but it only became worse. Due to this, I decided to get a new bearing. What brand has the best bearings and would a concave bearing be good?

I would suggest you remove your shields, clean the bearing again, and blow out the excess mineral spirits. To lube: dip a needle in the lube, then touch that to 1 or 2 balls. Repeat if desired. Spin. Done.


Personally, I find I get better results with acetone over mineral spirits.

Its probably time to get a new bearing. The konkave is a good choice for the Dark Magic 2, plus now they are only $9! But if you enjoyed the bearing that died on you, its called the yoyojam SPEED bearing. Its my personal favorite. They have it here on yoyoexpert.

Or better yet, both!

I actually do both. Mineral spirits followed by acetone.

99% isopropyl alcohol.