Dark Magic 2 sized metals


Looking for budget metal yoyos around the size of the dark magic 2, I am not sure if that is considered mid or over sized. I am looking to try new things, so I have no specific shape/weight in mind. I can pay about 60 dollars.


Take a look at these:
Protostar, gfunk, nova, dv888, any other yyj bimetal, popstar, jk, onedrop dingo or cafe racer… The possibilities are endless


for dmII sized metal i would say the shinwoo grandyo is perfect for $55


Good call… Take a look at just about any shinwoos


the fever or cerberus look the same (exactly) (hope I could help :-\ )


I meant all metals in the 54-55 diameter range, but thanks anyway.


I almost say the trinity.

Well, the destiny by god trick (not the YYJ one) is another awesome yoyo.