d4rqk Reviews Barco Energy


I would like to start by stating this is my first official review and I will be writing more and publishing stubs here and full ones on my site. But for now this will be a fully man! So Barco Energy, The Energy comes from a company in Brazil named Barco, why are the named Barco? I don’t know they just are, want me to google it for you, jeez?! This yoyo’s description states that it was built to grind with a special blasting finish I can’t really compare to anything else I have ever felt before. Let’s see how she stands up throughout the review shall we?


To be honest when I was offered this thing in a trade from Ben Nikitas I was unsure of wether I should go for it or not, I mean I had never heard of Barco, nor had I ever heard of the Energy. So at first I was totally skeptical, I think there were two things that really pushed me over into taking on this throw:

  1. I took a chance when I bought my Auldey Virus but I really loved it and was not disappointed, so I guess I was willing to try out a small company from yet another country.


  1. The thing Retailed at $120 and I was going to lose a $45 Dv888? Ch-Yeah I’ll take it, I figured hey if I hate it maybe I can sell it :stuck_out_tongue:

When the package arrive and I opened her up I almost literally started drooling, the purple with the satined rims and spike was truly a gorgeous sight, and the finish was so soft, I actually compared it out loud to my cat’s mid-length fur. This thing is downright silky, and with the blasting that was done to it makes the anno sparkle in the light. Truly amazing. I am not really big into grinding but hey if this thing was designed to grind I have to give it it’s fair shot. The shape honestly reminded me of a metal Speeder only undersized. I hate speeders, and honestly Mickey isn’t anything special to me anymore, he just seems completely dejected on stage (Flame away :P), but enough about love/hate at first sight on to the Number’s Game.


I got these from YoYoGuy

Diameter: 51mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 69g
Bearing Size: C
Response: Pad Groove, comes stock with .555 Kentaro Pads

Nothing more to say here.


I want to begin the play section by stating that I have a completely dry, deshielded CenterTrac in mine, as well as Red RTV for a response.

Ok on a throw I was amazed at how heavy this thing played, it is a noticeable difference from my Frantic. I know it shouldn’t be a big shocker considering this thing is 69g and the Frantic is 66g (I think?). Let me explain why I was so surprised, if I take my Frantic in one hand and the Energy in another, the Frantic which is ACTUALLY lighter, FEELS heavier. I guess that just means the weight distribution on the Frantic allows it to play a lot lighter than it actually is. So yeah, heavy, but not too heavy, maybe the right word would be full, so this yoyo feels pretty full during play, but light in the hand. I tossed a couple slacks at it, no problem, whips?, done, Hops?, completely stable, grinds?, RIDICULOUS this thing has a sort of overbite in the cup allowing you to shove your entire thumb into the IRG and since that blasted finish is inside of there as well this thing can make 2 complete thumb transfers and still have enough RPMs to take a finger grind and bind up no problem. Like I said this thing is so soft. The spikes are pronounced enough that if one were proficient with Matador play, you should have no problem, as for me, I just kinda made an idiot outta myself and hurt my fingers. The Spikes aren’t sharp, I just suck :stuck_out_tongue: If there was one thing that I could complain about, it would probably be that this thing is not forgiving what so ever, you need to play accurate or you can start a tilt that is difficult to recover from, and the gap is narrow enough that if you don’t play with it in a deliberate fashion you will be met with a 69g THWAP to an unforeseen area of your body, don’t say I didn’t warn you :stuck_out_tongue:


Overall I think that the Energy is a great player, just not a great sketchy throw, if you are sloppy you are going to be corrected, forcefully like those DI’s on PI always did to me :stuck_out_tongue: But this thing can take it all and then some, you can play slow and smooth or faster and jumpier, either way this thing soars. If you get the chance to play one, you would be doing yourself an injustice to not give it a try.

These pics are from Ben Nikitas’ B/S/T, I don’t have a camera with good enough quality to do this thing justice so I will use his. Also, in these pics the Spike is un-satined.

I hope you enjoyed the review any comments would be greatly appreciated.


odd finish on the yoyo.

Is it kinda like beadblasted but rougher?

Anyways very nice review.

I look forward to hearing more from you 8)

it is kinda like a bead blast but it is softer than my old 888x’s finish so I don’t know what they used :P, I also forgot to mention that the yoyo was masked so the blasting doesn’t chew strings. Thanks, I plan on trying to do one a week so long as I don’t run out of yoyos to review, I have a fairly small collection.

I did the polish. It was probably way better back when I actually did it :stuck_out_tongue:

believe it or not, the rims and the spike are pretty fresh looking, nothing but this one little ding that could be scotchbrite’d off. Pat, if you dont mind my asking what type of metal polish do you use? I have brasso and some weird crap I found in an old toolbox that I have been unsure of wether or not I was gonna put it on one of my Throws :stuck_out_tongue:

Aluminum polish compound and a polishing wheel. I dont like using liquid polish for anything other than tiny detail work :P. I was just able to see the pictures, it still looks alright, not the same as when I had it though :wink:

Well you did great work, I love the Energy, but alas this Dingo got here from CaliBuddah and my wife hasn’t tried it yet, I have been playing with it a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: She needs to get up, but can I tell her that? Not if I like my kneecaps in their current condition :wink:

That was a great review. The Energy looks sick. :wink:

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
The owners name is felix barco BTW.

Is it just me or does it kind of look candyblasted

I saw a picture of a Candyblasted throw and that looks pretty dang close.

Good to know. :smiley:

I have a Fury that was candy blasted. This was nothing close.

You have any idea what the finish could be?

I’m just gonna wing it with beadblast X.x

It looks very beadblasted, but I could be wrong

I used to be mine, and it fells nothing like my Hatrick, so I’ll have to argue with the beadblast idea.

Energy is a Great yoyo:)
The company is called Barco because of the brand owner, whose name is Felipe Barco.
Energy is certainly one of the best yoyos that Brazil had already
The price out there was a little high, but in Brazil the yoyo was selling for $ 50

pure necro.