d42kn355 exceeds expectations

I recently traded with d42kn355 and he went above and beyond his duties as a trader. He was going to send me a pair of raider EXs and he found out that one out them had a minor crack in the cap. Now since the crack doesn’t effect play I would have been fine with him just giving me a heads up, but d42kn355 decided to surprise me with a whole other yoyo. This more than compensated for the crack! And while it probably goes without saying d42kn355 is an excellent trader and if anyone is scared to ship first d42kn355 will not scam you.

YoYoAvenger, may I ask which throw are you referring to? (horrible memory lol)

I just had a great experience with d42kn355. Awesome communication and he was very straight forward about the condition of the throws. Even sent me extra pic on my request.

@YoYostaining? I have absolutely no idea what u mean, when i received it (after it was blasted) it was a dark grey, not like other blasts ive seen, so idk what you mean about the staining, As for the response, I apologize. but some silicone could fix that (and seriously…this does NOT hurt the trade value, what are you talking about?)…and ive never once had anyone complain about one half being missing, as thats simply how i play most of my throws (depending on what it is of course), a little slippery on the binds (the way i prefer). so sorry once again, but i dont feel that it warranted you complaining about it in here. Kinda rude if you ask me, ESPECIALLY considering you never ever once mention ANY of this to me after the trade.

forget it