D.V.R for chat night

Crazy thought, is it possible somehow to record chat night and place it on a thread then after a week it can be deleted giving enough time for people who work or live in diffrent time zone to get updated on topics and ideas, so then no one will miss out.
just a thought… ???

To Andre
many thanks for hearing us out with our suggestion. :smiley:

Get a screen recorder…

Which one would you recommend. I google screen recorder and there are so many out there :-\

If you click on the “Save” button in the chat you will be brought to a page that has the chat log for the entire time you were in the chat. (This is also useful for report inappropriate behavior to moderators)

When we switch over to irc, I’ll most likely start logging the channel as could anyone else if they really wanted to.


Thank you I’ll try that :smiley:

You have to be in the chat to be able to save what has been said. You can only save what is there while you are logged in. Not anything before or after.

That, and once you hit save, you have to leave that tab open. If you try to bookmark that tab and go back to it later, all of the chat will disappear for that chat log.

Tis why I like to copy and paste the log if I need to save it.

There is no reliable way to copy the chatlog for when you are offline, the only thing would be a chat host or something to keep copying and updating the log every time they part and join for their entire session. With how often the chat kicks people for no reason or for the idle timer, its not reliable enough. So, in my opinion, there is really no way to reliably log an entire session unless one person can remain online the entire time.