Two chat times?


So the chat’s on Thursday at 8:00-9:00 EST? That’s kinda bad time for European members, because the clock’s at least 1 a.m. when the chat starts. (It’s 3 a.m. in Finland and I’m sleeping then.)

That’s why I would suggest two chat times: the one we are having now and another time that would be on weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday?) and it would last longer so that everyone can take part in it at some point. I think that this would be good, because there are practically nobody in the chat room when the chat’s not on (all the times except Thursday evening)

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

That is a great Idea! I vote yes!!! ;D ;D

(system) #3

I also vote yes.


sounds good.


YES! :smiley: ;D

(Raphael) #6

i vote yes. great idea 8)


I vote YES!


Sounds great to me. Too bad im in the chat’s even when its not “the time” :stuck_out_tongue:
Would it have to be in the morning on the weekend, would that make it better for a time in finland??
like 11 a.m. est? i wonder what that would be in finland :smiley:


How about 7 chat times… every day… But it’ll only be 24 hours long. (or we could go with your idea)


Do I sense a little hostility from you about my idea? Whatever, I’m glad to hear about all this positive feedback. The main point of this other chat time is of course to get people to gather AROUND THE WORLD. Now the chat time mostly suits those who live in America and those who just can’t sleep at night. If there is a fixed chat time, people can expect to meet other people in chat when they log in. If there’s not, it’s just good luck if even two or three people end up to chat on same time.

And by the way, at 11 a.m. EST (-5 GMT) the clock’s 18 p.m. (+2 GMT) in Finland.