Czech point pivot or skyva?

So im deciding to get the metal skyva or czech point pivot ,they are both very similar in price but are they in in playability? I want to hear what the community has to say about this.

if i could do one thing on an island it would be FINGERSPINS!

I assume you mean the metal skyva?


if i could do one thing on an island it would be FINGERSPINS!

If you have a skyva, Branden By said the metal version plays very similar. If you are looking for a more grindable skyva, or would get a regular one but really don’t like plastic, maybe get the metal skyva. I haven’t played either but from what I’ve heard, the metal skyva plays very similar to the plastic one, so if you want a big difference in performance compared to a much cheaper option, you may be better off getting a czechpoint pivot. In my experience, the regular skyva is awesome, so there is that…

Id get a Skyva but Im biased ;D

The Delrin fingerspin caps are one of those things you will only understand if you try it. The super slick texture is far superior than anything else I have tried.


Even though Jeff is biased :joy: the skyva plastic or metal(from what I’ve heard) is fantastic. I own a pivot as well and I prefer the plastic skyva. I haven’t picked up a metal one yet.

Jeff, are there any plans to have different colored metal skyvas or even dying the caps??


I have both and i prefer the pivot. While ide say i can get a longer finspin with the m.skyva, it is much easier to do finger transfers with the pivot. I also love the feel to the finish on the pivot, silky.

I’ve tried both, and I would say it depends on the shape. If you like v shapes, or you like the original czechpoint, go with the pivot, if you are in love with the skyva, go with the metal skyva.

They are both fantastic!