Current and Future Yoyofactory Releases! [Now Updated]

Making a list of the newest Yoyofactory releases. Updating whenever I can to keep people up to date who use this site exclusively. Or who don’t use Instagram/Twitter.

New Prototype (Eric Koloski’s Signature Yoyo?)

There was a joke in a live about Eric Koloski having a secret signature prototype but was it really a joke, or a reality (Just a theory but it might be not 100% confirmation just speculation). Eric on the latest Yoyofactory Adventure was shown to be throwing a V-Shape Bi-Metal yoyo, doing some sweet fingerspins in Vegas (which I could not find the story sadly) but also doing some rad tricks in the desert. It looks to be quite a good yoyo. It is both in a great turquoise/teal and black.

And at the time of writing this, it’s his birthday. Happy Birthday, Eric!

Note: Photos were revealed on his birthday, so further speculation that it may be his signature yoyo.

New Starbrite w/ LED!

The Starbrite is making a return, with some bright adjustments. In new color and most likely upgraded internals, I can see this as a fun plastic that you can take anywhere and still have great performance.

New Horizon Family Yoyo?

Paul Kerbel is quite the creative yoyoer, and in one of his newer posts on Instagram, he was doing his invented style of Ciclico, yoyoing with large rings. But in the video, a new yoyo was spotted with #prototype sneakily in the description. In a different video, he said that “He wasn’t using the regular horizon.” My theory is a monometal version of the Marco, and some evidence supports this as Yoyofactory has stated that Polo Garbkamol of Team Horizon has a new model in development for 2020.

The Pragma
Izuru’s second signature yoyo with Yoyofactory has been released in the YoyoExpert Mystery box. According to buyers, it is a modified singularity with an extra cut in the body. The reception has been very positive, with some saying it’s one of the best Yoyofactory bimetals. Its retailer release is currently unknown. Solid Pink with Raw/Silver Rims not pictured.*

Titanium Shutter Wide Angle

The Titanium Shutter Wide Angle was announced during the Shutter’s 6th anniversary. The initial price was revealed to be USD 350. Saw it at LVO, it is a beast.

Other Yoyo Restocks, Releases & Teases


Always Hyped, as always.

i <3 yyf


No way. You can see the glint of the metal bearing in the pic, can’t you?


I mean how could that be wooden axle? :thinking: Wooden cap inserts are fun though!

Still waiting for the titanium 888 re-release… that’s gonna be epic.


I forgot about mentioning that there might be a ti on the way

I do feel the Edge Beyond is kinda undersized, to its detriment, so I would like a larger version of it.


I think he meant wooden bearing seat, which if true, would be a funny meme

Wooden bearing seat would be unheard of, that’d have to be mega fragile? I mean consider POM yo-yos they always have metal bearing seats e.g. “cabal guts”.

That edgeless looks so nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But as coding said, still waiting for the titanium888


I’m really digging the Edgeless. It looks max comfy.


Looking forward to the the Singularity replacement, thanks for the post.

That edgeless looks like it could get me into yoyofactory again.


I asked him about an edge monster beyond. He laughed and said no, but then he said with what Evan is doing with the Edge Beyond that I’m not far off :thinking: @E2_yoyos

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03%20PM is that what i think it is a shutter

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I’m looking for a shutter with monometal styling



man that new off string yoyo finally something other them a flight (i don’t have anything against the flight I just have been waiting for yyf to make another off string yoyo that was not related to the flight)

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But they released the daydream


hahaha only if it had no vide and longer spin time

Legit would work


The only titanium stuff they did was the catch-22, ricochet, dream, and shutter


Very excited for Betty to get a signature yo-yo.