CUlater play?

I want the CU later because it use silicone response and its size is perfect for me and gap is good to (and I don’t care about shape) but how does the CUlater play?

If there is another yoyo that is 50-52mm diameter and 35-40mm width please tell me

Well, there are a couple yo-yos that fit your size preference. Here are a couple:


CUlater and CU’s are VERY good yoyos. Well worth the price, and good for the play. Amazing yoyo. Wide gap, cool shape, Alchemy is definetly the brand to go with. The shapes, are more of a stretched butterfly. ALMOST like a mini-mini-mini-Diablo. String landing is soooo easy! Never rusts. Rarely scratches, never any dents, worth it. It comes in a tin box, and a little sack for carrying around. Good choice, man!

can it play better than the metal

It is metal.

I meant to say m1 lol