crucial grooved bearing wiggles in most... where to put it?

I have a Crucial Grooved bearing, I’ve noticed in my Article Circle and Chief it wiggles (not a tight fit) - it causes some vibe, but not unbearable - this is also true with at least 4 of my One Drop throws I’ve tried it in (I figured after 4 different throws, with same result, why bother in others)… anyhow, I have picked up a few of Twisted Stringz trifecta bearings (which are almost the same as the Crucial, only they’re 10 balls) - and they fit just fine (as does my KK and 10 balls)…

So, long story short - need to find a home for my Crucial - looking for recommendations - any throw, that does not come with a Crucial as stock, that you have found benefits from it???

I have quite a few throws that have flats in them, not sure where to start…

I’ve got mine in a Grind Machine right now. Plays great.

Interesting. My first run Chief has a Crucial Grooved Bearing in and it fits very snuggly and perfectly. I need a bearing removal tool to pull it out. I also have one in a Canvas, and all my Crucial throws. Might be your bearing. Do you have any (recent) Crucial throws to try it in?

I don’t own any Crucial throws. I’ve played the bearing in my GM, dv888, and C3 Scepter. I could put it in my new Chief, but that seems moot. I loved it in both the GM and the 888, it was ok in the scepter, personally I like the A sized bearing in that throw.

I don’t have any clyw throws, but so far I have crucial grooved bearings in all my other throws. Mostly Yoyojam and one drop. I wonder if you just got a bad bearing?

I’m starting to think I got a bum bearing… I have a few throws that came stock with same bearing, so I took one out, and sure enough it fits snug in all the ones that the one in question wiggles… any idea how to get a hold of Crucial?

I would try to explain it to the store you bought it from first. I think that’s the general procedure rather than attempting to contact the bearing maker.

2011 run YYFs have tight a$$ bearing seats