Crucial Grooved Bearing or YYF Center Trac Bearing?

I have some questions in mind between these two:

Which one spins longer?
Which one plays smoother?
Which is more precise with string hits, meaning able to hit the string in the middle almost every time.?

What would you recommend and why?

Equal or a minute, unnoticeable difference if any at all.
Equal or a minute, unnoticeable difference if any at all.
What do you mean with a bearing being precise with string hits?
Grooved bearing is more “Center”. If that’s a term.

Eastfield answered every question perfectly, haha made my day.
Out of those two I prefer the ct, the groove I had got gritty after a few hours. Center track also doesn’t bunch the string as awkwardly as the groove.

I have a Center Trac and Crucial Grooved ready in my cart. Just want to know how each one plays before I get both of them

The center track plays slightly lighter for some reason, I’m really not sure why. And I prefer the bind response with the CT. I like the Crucial for horizontal though, it seems to make string layers less grabby. But both of these differences are very minuscule, nothing radically different.

I really like konkaves or terrapin ceramics. I think centertracs are not very consistent in their play. I’ve had good ones (in my horizon) and bad ones (in my regen).