Cross-Arm GT

Hey, i see this a lot in freestyles and i know some easy ways to get into it, but anyone know some cool ways or how to dismount?

I did one in my Video Tournament video. ;D

If you want, I can try to make a tutorial for it sometime soon.

Yea, that’d be sweet!

You can get into one really easy w/ this method:
Throw like you are going into a one and a half,
but instead og going up into the farthest string,
go into the string closest to you. The loop should
be around your throwhand wrist. Pull your throwhand
through the loop on your wrist. You should now be
in a cross arm GT. You dismount by popping out of
either the front or the back, though I can’t remember
which it is at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue: