Cross hand GT tut?

Hey guys Is there anyone that would like me to make a tut for a reverse Gt whip/ cross hand gt whip? I’m asking because i found out how to do this trick on my own but as far as I know there is no outhere tut out there. Please reply if you want one…
Happy throwing

even though I have no clue what that is, I would love one. Thanks!

well im to lazy to make a tut, but i think in jamesofyoyos free style which he posts in his general yo 5 star review, he does it. u pinch in the middle of the string, the string the slack half of string around the taught have and intercept it with u TH finger. It will look like a hanger. Than guide the far string in the hanger in the gap, pull out your TH finger and WALLLAH reverse GT. Pretty snazzy, ey?