Crew 24/7,14870.0.html you can join my team.

You could have just PMed him…

so it going to be:
yo-yo dood 95

cool beans Go 24/7 Crew !!!

how many people can you have in one team, just wondering if your team was full and/or another team has places?


Fair enough, just missed it, I need to work on some new stuff at the moment anyways!

Haven’t got a decent camera either at the moment nor a working laptop,
I hate computer viruses!!!

You can join another team
who likes em’, lol

Thanks to all that joined! So who in this group has camera to film themselves?

I got a webcam, video camera, and digital camera. :smiley:

I just sold my camera but I think I can make a small vid lol

Me, but you already know that, lol

I do.

Sweet. Just wondering so I know who can make vids for contest and such things.
Hey anybody got any ideas on the team in general?