Crew 24/7

(Kei) #1

Sup peeps. We finally got our name - Crew 24/7. We are called 24/7 because we are true yoyoers 24/7. If ya wanna join feel free to ask in this thread. We need all the help we can get for the upcomimng tournament.

yo-yo dood 95

Current Activities:
Challenge -,14613.msg150769/topicseen.html#new
Tounament -,14850.0.html


Great kei,but only three more people can be in our team, so better join fast, if ya wanna join? :wink:

(Kei) #3


Also if you have question about forum teams look here:,14868.0.html


I want to join, but do I have to post an audition video?

(Kei) #5

Nope your automatically in. Oh yeah.

(Kei) #6

Hey, we really need somebody whose good with modding and someone who is good with video editing.
Anybody on Crew 24/7 that is already good at that please tell me.

(M²) #7

double posting… thats a nono… i’ll get off your thread now.

(Kei) #8

Get on ya own turf. I CAN DOUBLE POST IF I WANT. Actually I cant but you do it all the time.
Oh and we are gonna own in the tournament and the challenge. ;D


All of this could have been put in the original team thread. No need for clutter. I’ll leave it for now though.

(Kei) #10


(Johnny rocks!!!) #11

can i join?

(M²) #12

why don’t you join my team (kusagari) that would make the teams more even.


Maybe people just don’t like you GOSH! ;D ::slight_smile: ;D ::slight_smile: ;D ::slight_smile: ;D

(Johnny rocks!!!) #14

OK then, can you show me a link to the team than?

(Kei) #15

M2 I am gonna say this as nicely as I can.

(M²) #16

whos M2? My name is very close to his, M², i’d like to meat him.

(Kei) #17

Thats it you me Video Battle!!!


he has no camera

(Kei) #19

Oh yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

(M²) #20

i would, i really would, my soul is in anguish because i can’t… I’m trying to convince my mom to get my dad a camera for fathers day or something, and THEN, YOU WILL FEEL THE THUNDA!