Crew 24/7

Sup peeps. We finally got our name - Crew 24/7. We are called 24/7 because we are true yoyoers 24/7. If ya wanna join feel free to ask in this thread. We need all the help we can get for the upcomimng tournament.

yo-yo dood 95

Current Activities:
Challenge -,14613.msg150769/topicseen.html#new
Tounament -,14850.0.html

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Great kei,but only three more people can be in our team, so better join fast, if ya wanna join? :wink:


Also if you have question about forum teams look here:,14868.0.html

I want to join, but do I have to post an audition video?

Nope your automatically in. Oh yeah.

Hey, we really need somebody whose good with modding and someone who is good with video editing.
Anybody on Crew 24/7 that is already good at that please tell me.

double posting… thats a nono… i’ll get off your thread now.

Get on ya own turf. I CAN DOUBLE POST IF I WANT. Actually I cant but you do it all the time.
Oh and we are gonna own in the tournament and the challenge. ;D

All of this could have been put in the original team thread. No need for clutter. I’ll leave it for now though.


can i join?

why don’t you join my team (kusagari) that would make the teams more even.

Maybe people just don’t like you GOSH! ;D ::slight_smile: ;D ::slight_smile: ;D ::slight_smile: ;D

OK then, can you show me a link to the team than?

M2 I am gonna say this as nicely as I can.

whos M2? My name is very close to his, M², i’d like to meat him.

Thats it you me Video Battle!!!

he has no camera

Oh yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

i would, i really would, my soul is in anguish because i can’t… I’m trying to convince my mom to get my dad a camera for fathers day or something, and THEN, YOU WILL FEEL THE THUNDA!