Creepy thread

Post creepy images, gifs, stories. anything creepy. Please keep it forum appropriate and nothing too gruesome.

Too spooky for you guys?

Lol those are more weird than creepy bro. Especially the second one in your first post.

I find that one just straight up unsettling.

Saw this at a tourist information centre in Melbourne. It was very… unsettling…



Man, just go on /x/ if you want creepy, or actually it’s almost summertime, just go on the creepypasta wikia.

Browsing /x/ now.

I’m not going to dive into the whole “cancer that is ruining the internet” type stuff, but /x/ is pretty awful. Go on the wikia for creepypasta, it’s where I go for a fun tiem, or you can browse around /b/ until a creepypasta thread comes on and that’s always a bucket of fun.

I am quite familiar with 4chan and its terribleness.

I wish they’d make /skl/ or something :frowning:

/skl/ ?

Skill Toys, I mean there’s two video game boards, I mean gosh.

Yea probably not happening anytime soon. I am actually shocked they dont have a furry section.

I can’t see any of these. ???

Weird, I can see all of them.

This thread makes me cry.

Lol Pinkamena…

A while ago lexos was posting a bunch of stuff on the picturesonly.jpg thread that would go well here.

Holder of throws
By augmented loyalalty
Part of the of holder series
In any city or any country walk into any known yoyo company/manufacture and ask the owner “where is the holder of throws?” He/she will give you a look of regret and give you an aluminum v-shape yoyo but be warned that never look at the yoyo or unspeakable thing will happen, he/she will lead you do a dim lit hall way. Now do your best combo while walking and make sure you don’t miss or look the yoyo or the ones who failed will eat you and tear you internal/external organs till nothing is left of you except for that yoyo, keep walking till your yoyo runs out of spin and a door should appear of front of you. Open it, now you will see an old man holding an old school responsive yoyo, ask him “why can’t we win?” He will answer with every yoyo trick,history and future of yoyoing, he give you one last look and give you the old school responsive yoyo. The two yoyos you have is both object #678 you can’t learn about the future without he past.

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