Cream by Crucial ~ Review ~

Crucial – Cream with Cookies

Cream just makes things better. Cream of the crop, coffee with cream, cookies and cream, creamy pesto sauce, cream soda, vintage rock band Cream, cream cheese, whipped cream, cream puffs, ice cream, creamed corn…. Sorry, I went all Bubba on you for a second. The point is, that Cream is synonyms with quality, and in the Milk line by Crucial, this model is most definitely the Cream. I present, the much anticipated, mostly speculated, bound to be imitated, Cream by Crucial (formally Born Crucial).

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Awesome review! It was very informative and makes me want to buy one. Cool picture.

Loved it!

Wow, I think this review is sereosly one of your bests, great job!

Awesome! :smiley: