Well, looks like it’s already time for the bi-annual ‘First day of the semester and I need BOOKS!!’ sale! ;D

I ONLY accept Paypal.
Add [color=green]$6 for shipping[/color]. It’s priority, and I package everything correctly.


Wow, I love this thing! Reminds me of the way a heavier Sleipnir would feel like. I really don’t see the point in having two so…

Comes in great shape! I have only unscrewed in ONCE and it was just, because I needed to change the pads in it. IT IS STILL SMOOTH. IT IS YYR! All I could find is one hairline scratch on one half. Couldn’t manage to get it in a picture, because it’s way to small.

First up, the Obsidian Edition Markmont.Next! Wow, this thing is GORGEOUS! A few scratches around the rims, and one small set of pinpricks. Still smooth as can be on grinds and on the string!


Next is my Yoyofficer BRAVE! Just got this, but havent been throwing it much. It’s MINT and SMOOTH.


Finally, my ILYY 2WEI! This is MINT condition. One amazing throw right here and not too many around anymore. This coating is incredible. Another one I just bought and don’t seem to have the time for! GRAB THIS WHILE YOU CAN!!!

PRICE: $65

Original SPYY Punchline!
It has some damage that you can see around the rims from the previous owner, but I have pretty much sanded all of them down to where you can’t even feel them when rubbing your fingers across. The throw is still smooth on the string!

I have installed some brand new Brown YYF CBC Slim pads, and a new OD 10-ball bearing. I have really showed this thing some love and it plays like the champ that it is. It’s getting harder and harder to find these!

PRICE: $50!!! OBO!!!

Grab this while you can!!

What about 5 for the protostar and 30 for the dietz

pm’d ;D


I was going to buy a super nova but then i saw this thanks for doing bisness :D<3