Aye guys. I’ve been wanting to get a Crazy D along with the, Yeti, Rally, and purple V.

I see that the pictured blue with black caps is out of stock. Not sure how to know or who to ask about when those might be back in stock.

Also, I noticed that they added an all white color for the Crazy D.

Anyone have a picture of this? My extensive research on the internet could not find a single picture of an all white Crazy-D.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Just imagine it in all white and that’s what it looks like. I have one of the blue with black caps Crazy-D’s and it’s hands down the smoothest and best playing delrins I’ve ever touched. If you can get one DO IT! I love mine and the rally is also a must have.


I wanted the blue one. There are tons of white delrins… I’d have to see it first.


Yeah, maybe if it had the black caps I’d get the white one. But I still just need to see what it looks like.

More importantly, when will the blue come back in stock?


At “the Japanese store” they have some nice ones. Not white though.

(2Sick Joey) #6


How boring that all white is. They could have at least put a word or something on the cap. Wish they would do another run of the Pink.


At least it doesn’t say Swag on it.


I’d get an orange one in a second!


Well with a white one, you could dye it any color of your choice.


It doesn’t always come out looking even like that.


Darn, I wanted one with cool caps. I’ll wait for a new batch to come. I wonder when though.

Anyone wanna sell me a Crazy-D? Or trade for a V?

(WildCat23) #13

I love the double entendre in Mickey’s throws.


The all white was the tester run


I know! If you think that way, sOMEThING is the dirtiest yoyo company in history…


They are. It makes it slightly precarious to search for pictures and information on them online. You might just find something you can’t unsee.