Crazy-D - Glow in the Dark 'New York' Edition

Not many of these left - but wanted to post and make sure people caught them - GLOW in the DARK Crazy-D from sOMEThING!

Are these made of delrin like the other Crazy-D’s? I didn’t think that delrin could be glow in the dark.

MYY Dark Sprite glows in the dark! It’s delrin.

Any chance of a restock?
I missed out. :’(

the irony, they name the yoyo after the one state in the world with very yoyoers and no competitions and sadly i live there

I heard it was given the name new york because it’s yellow like the taxi’s there

I would think it’s because of the glow. NYC= “City That Never Sleeps”, a glow yoyo never sleeps since it glows at night.

i know i just find it ironic