counter weight with a computer mouse ball?


i had an old counter weight and i was wonderin if i would make a counter weight out of the ball. THANKS!


Depends. Some are heavy, some are light.

You CAN, not sure if you should.


I actually love this plan and I think I’m going to try it when I get off work in the morning. With a heavy mouseball. That extra weight could cause some damage but could feel so great. Awesome plan! Thanks!

(Waylon) #4

Be sure to post your new bruises! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds cool!

I think I might have one…



awesome guys ill try it!


Has anyone tried it yet? Or has everyone that tried it died?


I’m not sure what’s in the heavier mouse balls. Might be lead or has lead in it. If so, you’d definately want to put some sort of plastic tube in there and expoxy it in place to make it safer. Also, the “skin” might have a tendency to tear once pierced, over time, which can be avoided with the tube having a flanged lip glued over the openings to hold things together.

I think there is this place that makes delrin or celcon balls. I should check that old link and see about ordering some.


I’m pretty sure they’re steel ball bearings coated in a synthetic rubber.


lol havent tried it yet… now i probably wont lol dont wanna get poisoned!


How exactly would you get poisoned?


He probably thinks he’ll get poisoned by the lead.

I’ve done stain glass, melted lead to seal the glass together, nothing happened to me.

I’m still alive and breathing! :wink:

(WildCat23) #13

You only get lead poisoning if it get into your body. Only way is to ingest or rub it on an open cut.


Don’t do that with pretty much anything :wink:


mouse balls??? what are we in the 20th century???


you can sure as heck TRY, but i’m not sure if it would work.