Counterweight Damage?

Hey everyone

So I usually play 5a with plastic yoyos, but now have started playing 5a with metal yoyos. Since I am learning I mess up occasionally and the counterweight will hit the yoyo. On a plastic yoyo thats fine, but with metal it makes an ear-piercing noise. I’m not so worried about my ears as I am damaging my yoyo though.

So my questions are:

  1. Will a counterweight hitting the yoyo damage the yoyo (break ano, dent it etc.)
  2. Is there an alternative counterweight that isnt made of such hard plastic. I know Duncan makes the rubber ball ones, but I never vibed with them.

Plastic counter weights or the rubber ball are your choices. The weight probably won’t hurt the yoyo as much as dropping it will.

I’m a bouncy ball guy myself. But I wouldn’t worry too much about the plastic cw’s I’d be more worried about my hand and face. I’ve wacked myself pretty good in the past.

I like the bouncy ball for play but the skull is easy to put on and take off