Could use some help here

Ok well you can call me stupid but about a week ago I bought a moneypak for paypal so I could just put it onto my own paypal. I didn’t read up on it and I thought you could just put in the code and get the money. But you can’t. You need to put in a bunch of info including your social security number and my parents just are not comfortable with me putting that info in.

Now I’m just asking for someone who has used one of these before to PM me and I’ll give you the code for it and I want you to send me the money to mine. I want it to be somebody either well known, with a lot of all positive feedback, or someone I can trust. I will be the judge of that. I will even let you keep $5 of the money, if you want, if you help me out here. I know it was stupid so please just don’t post in this thread saying stuff like that. I’m only looking for some help here.