Could the future be plastic for Spinworthy?

I wouldn’t say that’s an ignorant question. The response in my plastics should hold up really well over time as it is concave rather than convex like the typical starburst system in plastic fixed axle yoyos.


@eternalmetal, @Mystik and @photogeek, I will still turn wooden yoyos, but I feel that TMBR is what people really think when it comes to wooden fixed axle yoyos.

Just out of curiosity can we see it taken apart?

Don’t be so hard on yourself man, variety is the spice of life.

Comparison is the thief of joy.


I will show you later, I’m still in bed and want to stay that way before the kids get up and start tearing around the place.


Yeah I definately want to try one…I know I’m gonna take hit but to be honest I really love the plastic butterfly vs wood throws I like the feel of plastic but when bearing is introduced hate the noise so your plastic knack is definately more interesting to me than ur wood is personally…also considering it’s plastic we could hand dye them or get rainbow blocks to turn the possibilities are endless…when can I buy one?

I trust your judgement when it comes to fixies. If you see true potential in plastic fixies then go for it with all your might.


In my opinion… don’t try to gauge which way the earth is moving and lean in that direction. Instead YOU move the earth and make everyone catch their balance.

You’re a skilled craftsman. If you ask others what they want to see, you’ll be playing catch-up to their inspiration rather than trusting yours. I’m sure you can build a future for Spinworthy in any number of directions.


Here it is taken apart, @Upmanyu.


To compare is to despair


I own 3 TMBRs and 10 Spinworthys. KNack, Bloodcell, and Harbinger are my solid top 3. Irving and eH round out my top 5, but your glued in axle yoyos are just too dope. TMBR might be more popular, but you guys make equally good yoyos.

Id love to hear Kyle’s feedback on the plastic. Can it really compare with my beech KNack?


Your wooden yoyos are really, really quite good.

The KNack is an absolute killer design that I think sits in legendary company like the Eh or No Jive. I feel like if someone really wanted to push the boundaries of 0a, they need a KNack in their arsenal, if not their main throw.

The Bloodcell is the most comfortable design I’ve ever thrown, whether it’s 0a or 1a. It’s top shelf aesthetically with it’s finely-crafted simplicity. I feel like it’s the what an Apple designer would throw.

The Button is such an interesting design for playing with weight distribution in a classic-looking package. It seems like it opens up some really interesting wood options that might not be possible in other designs.

On the other hand, the early version of the polycarbonate KNick-KNack that I have is really cool. I can see the possibilities there with later iterations and/or a full-size design. The endless spin, consistent response, and building on the killer KNack design opens up a lot of 0a possibilities.

I wouldn’t limit yourself to one material or the other, if you have passion for both. You definitely have the skill and the craft.
I do think some YYE runs would really help expand the Spinworthy audience. I imagine there are a lot of people who throw TMBR stuff that would be setting their alarms for a Spinworthy drop, whether it’s wood, plastic, or both. Also, there might be some burgeoning fixie playing who could join the Spinworthy-sponsorship team. (Not me - I’m better at collecting than sticking tricks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


You’re a champ, mate. Thanks for the support you’ve given me in buying my yoyos.

It is different to a beech KNack although there is a reminiscence in how it plays. It’s a lot smaller and zippier. The pull starts are incredible. It performs well, but maybe it spins just slightly less than the full size KNack.

The first Knick-KNack I made was played constantly. I didn’t pick up wood again for weeks. It’s just so portable and fun.


I would love to give one a try, @Glenacius_K! I love my Button


I also love my button. I find it very portable.


Man, I love the Button. It’s a great performer. I hope I can get others loving it too.


So nice it’s worth saying twice.


Why be, “this or that,” when it can be, “all of this and all of that?” Have cake and ice cream and eat it too!


I have 5 sw and 5tmbr. I have your pom experiment. Whatever you make is a great throw. I hate plastic j general your Pom is my top 2 pom and plastic.
The only thing i would change is you comparing your self in a negative light to any other designers . First off your Australian i thought you guys walked with a big knife and where not bothered by a bit of comp (that’s my terrible crocodile dundee refrance) . Second ed and everyone else said it best just be you… let 2021 be the year you don’t mentntion tmbr in a sarcastic comparison. My spectra knack is my first brother stall, lunar landing and successful dumptruck. My list is short because my skills are lacking. I look forward to buying a few bloodcells this year.


I don’t have any fixed axles, but I really admire your work. I think the plastics are especially nice. Plastic blood cells would be very cool.

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