Cool Tricks

On this thread you can post cool tricks that either you, your friend, or some guy in a competition did. There are 3 rules,

  1. No putting the same trick twice
  2. NO asking for tutorials on how to do the tricks, there are already enough of those out there.
  3. The trick/combo has to bee not so popular.

An example of a post:

Aww dude, this is sick:
the best part is his first combo, especially the mouth GT at 00.17.

Feel free, and post away!

His front style is pretty good too.

Mickey’s horizontal play. Hands down, cool.

I agree, but as the first post says, nothing that is EXTREMELY popular like Hirouki’s horizontal. In addition, this isn’t exactly a trick. But, i’ll let it slide this time. Just saying next time, don’t put in a play, a popular trick (Well Known), or a message without a video.

It is not popular at all. Only a few people can do it as extreme as Mickey. You only had 3 rules. And I didn’t break any of them.

Not that kind of popular. Mickey’s tricks are WELL KNOWN. And as rule 3 says: The trick has to be not so popular. Just saying IBTL.

the trick christpher chia did at 0:49