Converge is good!

Ive been playing with my converge for a bit now!
Its so nice. Its seems to have a lot of power but is so lightweight! Compared to my peregrine which is only a gram heavier but feels much more dense.

Was wondering if there is other stuff that plays like this and if there were smaller diameter options😅.


Glad you have been enjoying it!

The diameter is part of why it feels the way it does. So, I’d look for things that were between 56.5-57mm in diameter with a pretty large width and low weight. I haven’t tried anything else really close to that though, but good luck on your search!


Thats a bummer. Great job on the design!!:+1:t3:

How does it feel on the string?

Very light. Doesnt feel thunky. And somehow you dont have the heaviness I associate with power but the power and spin times are there.

Also grinds are great

Wow that’s great. Have been eyeing it for a while but never pulled the trigger.

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If you’re interested in a light large bimetal the converge is hard to beat, the only one I can think of right off hand is the overdrive draupnir, the OD is a bit narrower and a couple grams heavier. I like the converge better.


Pom draup is more like the converge in Terms of light feel.


Ill look at it!! Thanks!