Trifecta of light + wide + bi(metal)

I’m on a hunt for what I think is the perfect yoyo for my preferences. It’s hard to describe, but let me try.

Edit: skip to the summary chart I made here!

If I try to boil it down to specs:

  • Outer ring bimetal
  • Comfortable shape
  • 55-57mm diameter
  • 45-46mm width
  • <63g weight

Here’s the catch. We all know that how a yoyo feels doesn’t strictly correspond with its weight. So I’d say I’m looking for something that feels fast and light, rather than rely solely on the weighing scale. Well I certainly can’t try every yoyo to see how each feels, so I’d love to hear which ones you may have tried that sounds about right!

2 hard to describe things I’m looking for:

  • The ease of movement in Float, Hummingbird, Peregrine or Krown Ti
  • The squeaky clean bind of Chopsticks Gorilla or MCMO. Works great with normal thickness string. I know some folks love super thick string, but I’m happy rolling with Draken or Kitty Fat most days

If you own a Peregrine or Chopsticks or Float…

Have you played something like a Peregrine with a more comfortable shape and tighter binds?

Or a Chopsticks that is lighter and wider?

Or a bimetal Float?

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The closest to those specs that I’ve personally played would be:


Another that’s close enough.


Thanks! Indeed I love my Peregrine. The specs were what really caught my attention as well. The main things I’m looking to improve on it are the shape/catch, which can be a little sharp and uncomfortable sometimes, and the bind which isn’t as tight as the Chopsticks.

The weight of it (feel-wise, regardless of grams) is very close to what I’m looking for though. Something like the Peregrine or Hummingbird in terms of how heavy it feels on the string.

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More options

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The Exia isn’t an outer ring and its gap width strikes me as something that pairs better with super thick string, no?

I should add that I’ve also noticed the C3 Hydrogen Crash given its specs. However it seems like binds on it can also be slippy.

I haven’t used any of these, I’ve just been looking at ones that fit your description in terms of dimensions, and weight.

Thanks man, but respectfully I’m not looking for a list of yoyos that fit those specs. I’ve already spent hours going over them.

What I’m looking for is your actual experience playing with those yoyos. Specifically the ease of movement and the binds.

Those are the harder questions to answer beyond the spec sheet.

You want to try IQ.

I have one in the BST right now. Green orange splash. I won this one and liked it so much I picked up a grey/blue simply for color preference.

Hit me up.

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I’ve looked at the IQ before but nothing really stood out. Can you compare its weight-feel and binds to any of these yoyos?

Krown Ti

I’ve only played the Peregrine. I traded it away because I preferred the hummingbird. Both are a little harsher on the catch. iQ has to be one of the most comfortable throws to catch. It just fits in your palm.

IQ is smooth and stable on the string. Very controllable and forgiving. EASY to play and can be pushed if you choose. I’m not fast by any means but this yo-yo plays! It’s fun and dare I say a little floaty.


I agree. The iQ is wider than your specs, but fits the rest. Super stable, feels light, can be pushed or chill, and is just a great throw. Between it and the Vulture (not as chill, but just as great), they have dethroned the Iceberg as my favorite. I use Project 44 Fat12 in green with it, and it’s just the perfect combo for me.

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Just gonna leave this here - Motion YoYo - Centrifugal

57x46 - 63 grams :wink:


Cool specs, but we know specs don’t tell the whole story. Does it play lighter/heavier than the Hummingbird? How are the binds?

Thanks, are you able to compare the weight-feel & binds to anything I’ve listed? Float, Hummingbird, Peregrine, Krown Ti, etc.


Plays a tad heavier than the hummingbird- about the same as the peregrine weight wise with a ton more power. Binds are crispy.

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I have all the Duncan Bi-metals except the grasshopper. However I haven’t tried what you listed as a comparison. This is more a comparison between what Duncan has to offer to help you narrow it down.

Out of their offerings, I would suggest the Orbital GTX. It’s the lightest feeling and fits your criteria, it’s wide, feels extremely light and nimble on the string, and has massive outer rims.

The only caveat is, it needs different pads, I think the stock ones are a bit slippy imo. However I do have mine strung up with duncan poly bulk string and it binds snappy after silicone recessing it.

I would try to hit up the BST, you’re sure to find one for cheap.


Nice, thanks! This is exactly the type of info I was looking for. I’m certainly open to trying different pads. Maybe the YYR ones since I love the Chopsticks response. I am curious how the Orbital GTX compares in terms of weight-feel versus the Hummingbird or Peregrine though… if anyone here has tried both.

Word of warning - Orbital gtx is very pointy on the catch. Plays really good otherwise.


Thank you, I’m glad you told me. Wouldn’t have figured that from solely the photos. Still intriguing but maybe not numero uno.