Controversy on Worlds 2023

I’m not big on the comp scene, but I’m a bit baffled how this STILL isn’t resolved. Nobody has ANY inkling of why the ban happened? Very odd. How many lawyers do they have working on this? :joy:


Fascinating that this was the last thing heard from Steve on this. I appears he found out what he needed to know and is now tight-lipped about it.

This implies that there is likely more fire than smoke. I hope that there are no illegal or immoral acts being swept under the rug or otherwise ignored.

Without information; people WILL speculate. I know that my imagination is piqued.


I may be very wrong about this conclusion, but if there is so much to hide, THERE IS A VERY BIG FIRE.

When the pronouncement arrives (if it arrives), it will be words that will make people disbelieve that it was something so serious (for those who believe in these words, a possible “maybe” pronouncement).

My final conclusion so far: What happened was certainly serious enough to not be revealed.


I like to imagine it’s the opposite it’s so benign that it’s not worth noting making the ones that know feel like it’s not a big deal and folks are busy.

However litigation would make sense why it’s not come out yet. Gotta let them lawyers go over a statement a dozen iterations



I really hope I’m wrong in my conclusion.

By the way, they have to know that people have their opinions and conclusions, and that this can (and will) greatly affect how they may be viewed. After all, everyone is a public figure, involved in one or more yoyo businesses.

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Has Taka come forward with any more information? People have to know.

This is getting a little ridiculous.

From the looks of Steve’s visit, things seemed kosher. If so, why not lay it all out?


Politics is often not easy…


about asking on worlds live this year:

in the thread that was directly on Taka’s Facebook (it was deleted by him)

That’s why I ask everyone. What happened? That’s all we want to know. We admire taka, we admire everyone who would certainly go to the championship, and everyone who was there regardless of what happened or their opinion. The community is SMALL. And perhaps this is yet another reason to reduce it even further.

I don’t want to make a fuss. I just want to know the reason for the ban. Note the word: BAN. It should not be taken as something “simple”.


This makes the most sense to me. I’ll be surprised if it’s something else.


Yes. This would explain why its taking a while.


I don’t know if the legal system in Japan is similar to the USA but here I would think Taka could sue for damages. His reputation and presence in the yoyo world is tied directly to his income.

I’m not saying he could win as there always seems to be two sides to every street but I feel like there would at least be basis for a suit.


Didn’t think we could top the whole shadow government iyyf punishing Taka for being a business competitor angle but here we are.


some legal dispute escalation is likely explanation for no words from both parties.
but still the reason of ban of allegedly more than one person is up in the air. could be shadow IYYF 80+ yrs old yoyo yakuza. :melting_face:







I would say that at this point, this situation has become one of those for which silence speaks more than any words that can be said in the future.
You just have to be ashamed and remain silent. :pensive:

#FreeTaka !!!


(No need to click on the orange edit pencil)

. Waaaaay out in Left Field, I have an opinion that can/could be completely wrong(it’s happened).

But, regardless, this is what I think might be happening>

Steve…. Is the guy that most likely has ‘an understanding’ of the situation’.

Here could be the problem>

1.Steve….2 Hiro…3 Taka….>

Steve and Hiro and Taka have known each other and have been friends with each other for well over 20 years.

Steve is pretty much between a Rock and a Hard place(if my theory is even close to correct).

Let’s say…… this is a case of a Business disagreement between Taka and Hiro. Maybe a single incident? Maybe a long term negative situation?

Maybe the ban is somehow justified? Or maybe the ban is bogus?

If the ban is bogus, then leverage(of position) may have been used to ‘Jam, Taka’?

If the ban is somehow justified by things we just aren’t aware of, then the ban may be reasonable?

Regardless, if Steve is privy to the actual factual ‘facts’… then Steve is in an unenviable position.

In the Worldwide Yo-yo scene, Steve deals with both guys over time.

Steve has to work with Hiro in some big yo-yo contests on a pretty regular basis.

If Steve posts up the facts, he is going to lose one or both friendships.

If he sides with Taka, one long friendship ‘turns to dust’. That would certainly cause complications in his Contest coordinating efforts with Hiro.

If…. He sides with Hiro, then Taka takes a pie in the face and another friendship bites the dust.

OK, the soup is boiling and here we are>

Either 1. Steve doesn’t have a good clue what the heck actually happened, so he isn’t saying?

Or Steve would love to share the ‘drama’ but chooses to decline commenting because he would take it in the shorts for no personal gain whatsoever.

If my theory is even close to reality, then Steve is in a no win situation.

I would rather not know and let the Business boys have their sword fight and wait till the dust settles…

If Steve does have bad tidings, no one ordained him the Royal Provider of things we think we need to know.

PS… I make no attempt at low grade humor in this post>

I have known and been friends with Taka, Hiro and Steve for a few decades, also.


…sauce for like, any of this about Hiro and Taka having been friends?



wanted to read that wall :expressionless: disappeared after first line.
you have some good insight and wise takes here i like reading your posts.