Controversy on Worlds 2023

Well, ok

The world this year was one of the best spectacles we have ever seen on the scene, except for one small incident; everyone here knows that this is a subject as much as it is controversial. BUT

The same topic has already been created in neighboring networks for other persons, which has been talked about naturally, but without concrete answers, just specters of what it can be.

After all, I saw the topic about Taka Hasegawa’s ban from this year’s worlds (which was closed for NO reason), I also noticed that there would be an official statement some time later.

The World Cup is over, this official announcement didn’t happen about this, and everything is very silent about this. Many (really many) people would like to know what exactly happened to Taka’s ban from the Worlds 2023.

The problem with all this silence is precisely is having the effect that most people are believing the contest was used by an organizer to punish a rival business.

We would like to know about someone higher up who can clear all this up, and know what really happened and the REAL REASON for the ban.


Is it really any of our Business?

My opinion; If the responsible parties want to keep it quiet, they should.


Yes. If the wyyc is unfairly banning people from the event, people should know that. Taka is still talking about it so I don’t know why it’s so hush hush. Seems very sketchy


Yes, it’s our business. We wanted him at the worlds with his stand enjoying the championship, talking, taking pictures, influencing, teaching maneuvers just like he did for all these years for yoyo and not be banished under carpet, and stay for “this is it”…


My only thought from an outsider looking in and I may of missed it but why haven’t we heard takas side of the story at all? Makes me wonder if they decided to keep it quiet mutually but who knows.


This is a dangerous line of thought.


I’m not really sure of the details of this drama, but I will say it’s not a good look when maybe the 2 biggest Japanese yoyo companies won’t sponsor Japan worlds.


Here’s what was started. It appears it was a ban carried over from the jyyf. I believe it’s going to be difficult to get a clear explanation on the original ban though.


I said it in the other thread before it got closed but I had wished that some priority over a statement about this was made.
Taka is one of the biggest and most positive influences the modern yoyo world has ever seen. For those unfamiliar with the magnitude of this situation, it would be as if Worlds suddenly decided to ban Andre from worlds, and no explanation was given other than “we will make a statement sometime”.
I understand organizers being busy with other things, but the fact that this happened, and the fact that Taka explained that he had to find out about this ban from a mutual and not from the organizers themselves (to which he later found was indeed the case and he was banned) is really ridiculous.

I hope mods don’t close this thread as well


Definitely yes.
Taka is a person who walks alongside everyone, but each one has the right to demonstrate their dissatisfaction about a certain type of thing, without influencing the final result of a championship, for example (which I believe is his case). … but to silently banish a person of Taka’s level as a person, influencer, yoyo spreader all over the world for as long as he has “home” is complete ABSURD.


Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal :thinking:


I assumed everyone’s busy but we will probably get some statement by end of year. In the end most folks got a day job and other stuff going on. It’s also not critical to get clarity quickly at this point there isn’t another big event where the details are going to change anything coming any time in the short term.


It matters a lot, and it matters now. IF this was some personal drama between an organizer and a specific person (or people) it’s a HUGE deal and should have an impact on who is organizing these events in the future.


I’d rather we see a statement that does a good job explaining the situation, the reasons for the decision, and any future changes to these kinds of decisions (if applicable) than a statement that’s rushed and just fans a bunch of flames.

Do I wish that happened sooner? Sure. But comms work between languages and cultures takes a pretty serious amount of time — and I say that as someone who does it regularly as part of my job. So, I’m willing to be patient.

There do need to be answers eventually, though, and I also think saying there’d be a statement before the end of worlds was a mistake if it wasn’t 100% going to happen.


it’s quite obvious yo-yo is a psyop orchestrated by the deep state. Look around man. Rock the baby? illuminati triangle. Who’s walking the dog? the government man. Around the world? yeah, world domination.

Gentry tried to warn us. He said he “quit” cause a new yo-yo boom is coming. guns go boom man. Taka was taken out and replace by android, but the AI isn’t advanced enough to yo-yo yet so they had to remove him from the comp because people would find out that the robot can’t DNA. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

source: my dad owns duncan


The longer they put this announcement off the more convinced I am that he was banned because Taka’s yoyo store competes with Hiro’s (IYYF member). Really bad look


One of the best comments I’ve ever seen on this forum. And s/o for another new 303 thrower!


The problem with it taking so long is that they had enough information to do the ban and Steve has enough information to know that it’s “not exciting” so it shouldn’t be hard to just say what is unless you’re trying to figure out how to spin it.


I know nothing about the situation but I know people are petty and I imagine that’s the jist of this situation. Public statements are messy no upside in the end just transparency which isn’t always necessary. I can only imagine the goal on the contest side here is to not alienate any current or future sponsors and risk future events.

The Community is probably making a bigger fuss than necessary in the end but that’s my speculation seeing as folks just have to know what “tea is being spilled” (did I use that right?) either way drama. always some drama.


I’m king drama but my guy, you are in every drama thread with absolutely nothing to say just waffling about.

Thanks for the expert analysis of the situation. Almost everything I read from you starts with “I know nothing” -and ends with you saying you don’t care.