Ok so I got to playing today and took a couple tricks I know and love and blended them together to create a continuation of this trick.

Question is how long and hard can a trick get. Right now I can do this after a few throws but its getting increasingly difficult to land. When does to hard get in the way of continuation?



Oh does Gator Floss hold tension? You tell me :slight_smile: If you want to learn this trick, you will need ninja skills, good tension, patience, good tension, perseverance, good tension, and of course… Good Tension.

PS: Samad and Battle Royale contestants this is one of the tricks you will be up against :slight_smile: hehe haha

(Saur) #2

That’s amazing!
I love all of your high speed breakdowns.


Man your suicide skills are awesome. Great vid :slight_smile:


You should make a tut for that trick.


That’s just crazy dude.


That is extreme an pwn

(Infinite Chaos) #7

Hey Brett, what was the yoyo and music you used in the video??
LOVED the trick btw, the hop to grind on your finger was sick! ;D :o


Oh snap…


So Glad that I wasn’t able to participate in the battle… :smiley: