Constantly lubed yoyo

So I’m back with another wild idea. My gel yoyo didn’t end up working out after all :(. I don’t know if this one will either, but I’m sure you guys will tell me any problems with the yoyo. So I’m thinking this yoyo will be made of titanium so that it will be tough. It will look somewhat like the yoyofactory 888 with the pegs. These pegs will be sealed and they will be able to twist on and off. From there you put your lube in the pockets and twist them back on. The special thing about this yoyo is that when the bearing spins the lube will dispense onto the bearing very very very slowly. What do you think? I need someone to make me a 3D model still. PM me if you can. I will return the favor.

Not saying that this is a bad idea, but chill out man. Give your idea some time to breath before regurgitating it out onto the forums non-stop

The big problem is that lube will actually slow down the bearing and cause the yoyo to be more responsive. You only really need one pin drop of oil applied to the bearing once every month or so at most. Even if that weren’t the case, the amount of weight you’d probably have to add to include the dispensing mechanism would turn the yoyo into a brick.



Duncan mondial is a self luber.

Nice, never heard of it. I saw the duncan mondial on eBay. Looks the same. Maybe duncan bought them out.

It says duncan owns them on the wiki page