Hey everyone. I’m an insomniac. I’ve been watching a ton of videos tonight, and I keep seeing the word ‘concept’ pop up a lot. What exactly is a concept? I mean I think I know (whips, slack, string) but I want to be confident. Also, are there any lesser known concepts that are worth mentioning? Understand that in my quest for infinite knowledge, I want to leave no stone unturned.


noun: concept; plural noun: concepts

an abstract idea; a general notion.
"structuralism is a difficult concept"
synonyms:	idea, notion, conception, abstraction; More

It’s exactly that. An abstract idea that pertains to a particular type of tricks, movements, or anything else.

It probably means one of two things in the context you are seeing it.

  1. A trick is incomplete. Someone is filming just to show off their progress with it.

  2. Someone found something neat that works in one mount (Wrist Mount, 1.5, Double or nothing. You get it) And they are trying to apply the same movement or trick to different mounts. They are working with it and trying to develop it into something unique.

As far as concepts for you to explore. I would look at Straight Jacket. It’s a neat concept/substyle. Basically, just do everything with your arms crossed. Charles haycock, Isaac Sams, and Sid Seed are good players to watch for inspiration regarding this.

Hope I helped!

Yes you did. It might have been a dumb question but im glad someone answered. Thanks

Another fun concept is Rip Cord. It can get you out of nearly any mount.

Edit: nearly any basic mount. There. Now it’s accurate(er)

I don’t mean to be rude, but I can only see it working with. a few mounts.

It will work on:
Double or nothing
Man bro
Triple or nothing
1.5/split bottom
Under mount/magic drop

Doing a similar move will dismount from:
Wrist mount
Bucket mount

It won’t work on:
Trapeze/brain scrambler
Ping pong
Bind/cross arm trapeze

I’m probably forgetting some, but to me it seems the majority are Rip Cord compatible.

Edit: I forgot chopsticks mounts. It seems to work on most of them to.

What about the few hundred unnamed mounts?

Define mount.

Like the ones you listed! There are tons more.
Wrist whip mount, bucket mount, etc.

I agree, ripcord is applicable to all the standard mounts, but what about all the few hundred mounts other people have created, without names?

Yeah. It can get you out of the basic mounts.

But not almost all. So edit* your post. Its inaccurate.

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You can ripcord from a basic chopsticks mount into a 1.5. I actually use that transition a lot.

And if the trapeze is on your throwhand index you can totally ripcord into an under trapeze.