Concept for a yoyo website

I had this idea the other day, and it’s probably pretty stupid but it may be a good idea to some of you. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with the difficult yoyo tricks that were invented ten or more years ago (White Buddha, Rancid Milk, Superman, etc.) and I always thought it would be a cool idea for there to be a website that sort of “documented” these tricks. Like each trick could have a page, with info on who invented it, what year, the concepts behind the trick, and of course a video of the trick and maybe even some words on the trick from the person that invented it. I feel like there are plenty of tricks for this to work, and a lot of the players that invented these tricks are still around and could help. It would sort of be an encyclopedia of today’s modern classics, since I always get fascinated when I always read a player briefly discuss one of their famous tricks. What do you think?

Rethinkyoyo. Is probably one of the closest things you can get to this.

True, I didn’t think of that. Still I think it would be cool to have a whole alphabetized site even with input from the people that invented the tricks too. I don’t know, I’ve always been really fascinated with yoyo trivia for some reason.