concave help.

I want my yoyo to handle more layers of string but I’m wondering if I should get a concave bearing to help that.

Yes it most likely will. I will highly recommend a KK. I have one in my Axiom and it is wonderful. ;D


if you are going to say no atleast give a reason.

i think it will help. i have one in my dm and it works great.
it is not necessary but it will keep the layers more centered than a stock bearing.

WIth a flat bearing all the strings are evenly spaced out as soon as you start adding multiple layers. In a KK the string is all trying to get in the middle and start overlapping. Which can be very annoying in terms of snagging and the yoyo binding up on you if youre not careful.

If they are in the middle and not touching the response system, how can it snag?

The strings will start overlapping each other, and will possibly bind up as well. Just because it centers the string, doesn’t mean EVERY string will stay in the middle. It will still rub the response.

I trust the man with 2 years of experience.

Listen to the wisdomful elders.

Uhhh. That was actually a question. rofl

Uhhh. That was actually an answer. rofl


Concave strings usually help by centering the string thus making the yoyo sleep longer,
It probably could take about three layers of string before stopping

i have a problem now my yoyo is responsive and I know its broken in so then cleaned it and it was still responsive. should I get KK bearing or is it cause the gap is only 3.25mm and can anyone give me help how to make its unresponsive

Don’t waste money on a KK.

Try to clean it, but dry it, a lot.

Make sure that there is no mineral spirits in the bearing.

I did
I let it dry for awhile

Don’t just “let it dry.” Literally make sure it is completely dry - Dry it yourself too.

Spin it on a pencil…for ,like…5 minutes, this takes up most of my bearing cleaning time, but the results are better without a doubt.

I did and now my yoyo unresponsive again :slight_smile:

Yup, that was the problem I had a few times with my DNA.

I find that konkaves are pretty useless. you will be able to pull off ANY trick just as well with a flat bearing as with a konkave bearing.

fancy, but not worth the money.

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Thank you so much!!!

Finally, somebody made a useful point!

Anyways - welcome to the YoYoExpert Forums, Ikelace! We hope you like it here, as our nice mebers too! :slight_smile: