Competitive TF2 Highlander Team


I’m putting together a Team Fortress 2 Highlander Team. Name is Fear-Inducing Narwhals.

The slots still open are:

Before applying, you should be good at the class you are applying for. You must have at LEAST 100 hours in TF2. You must have a mic and be comfortable using it. You must be at the very least a Mature 14 y/o. You must be willing to commit and try to show up to all matches.

Sending me an application:
Send me a PM, instead of making a reply.

Tell me:
1.The Class you want to play
2.your age
3.Your steam name you would rate your maturity level from 1-10
5.Your hours in TF2 and in the class you want
6.A short paragraph on why I should want you on my team(are you extremely mature? Good at communicating? Good GameSense?)

I hope to make this a great experience for all! I’m very excited for this and others are as well.





(WildCat23) #4

The tag is [/FIN], not [/FIG]


If only I wasn’t a complete noob. I’m lovin pyro but am definitely not very good. Workin on it though.