competition help

I live in South Carolina and I’ve been yo-yoing for 6 years now. evey one always ask me if I compete. up until the last year or so I haven’t been at that level yet. living in South Carolina with no other yoyoers it’s was hard to get good veary fast but now I want to start competing but have no idea where to start. I’ve try to look and find stuff but its hard to find any thing and I would really like some help.

Thanks in advance =)

Are you opposed to travel? I’m not up on all the activities in the region, but SER is in Florida, as is Florida states. If anything, it’s a starting point.

Travel is ok I was thinking of going to the SER my self but I couldn’t find much for signing up

Its all about finding a contest, then just do it. Dont worry about your trick or level in yoyoing.
You will always get better. The main thing is to do it. My first contest was Cal States in '07, I had to
travel something like 900 miles. I wasnt very good (still not very good hahaha) but i did it anyway.

I know that I’m just tying to find sign up information for the SER but the websight is a bit lacking

SER has been over for this year allready and it was pretty small. The next contest right around the corner is Virginia States. I’m in NC so I’m closer to you than most, I was actually in Myrtle Beach today, haha.

Supposedly the 26th of Jan as said in this thread,,52905.0.html

Thanks I think I’ll go to the SER in 2013 it said its on the 3 of Nov.

Thanks for all the feed back.

Being able to go to the contest is the biggest thing. Competing is just fun, something to really just have bragging rights :slight_smile: Don’t worry about competing! Its easy!