Comparison Pics of GE and Cliff?


Just curious how they size up next to each other. Obviously the Cliff is a lot bigger, I’d just like to see them side by side.


I’m only on my phone right now so I can’t embed the photo… But here’s a link:



Here is the pic that Adam linked to, thanks for posting it. i have been wondering the same thing.


Dang… ninja’d. ;D


I love my Cliff and by the looks of it the GE looks like a more compact Cliff. I’ve also heard its one of the best yoyos for regens out there is this true?


Awesome, thanks for the picture! I really want to get my hands on both— It’s too bad that would cost me $300 bucks. lol. BST time, I guess.


GE gets a lot of hate for some reason. People say its the “worst” CLYW ever made (the worst still being pretty darn good). Those are all opinions obviously, but still… thats a pretty bold statement. I love mine tremendously! I recommend picking up one soon, for they will most likely be the rarest model made by CLYW, being that only 2 runs were made and no more will ever be made again… most likely.


On a side note… I think for some strange reason that picture made me like the Yogi colorway. lol. I was never too fond of it, but it just looks so right on that GE. :slight_smile:


I’d give the gnarwhal the “worst” vote. If what you say is true, I’ll have to buy myself a Glacier Express after all. Thanks for the heads up.


I LOVE my GE. I really don’t see why it’s got such a bad wrap. I would put it above the Cliff IMO.


How many runs did they do of the campfire?


I’ve played the GE. It plays really well actually. I think it has a bad rep because it doesn’t look very pretty. That’s why I never bought one initially.


I agree! While I’ve never heard anyone say GE’s are the worst CLYW, they definitely don’t get enough love. It’s a SUPER stable undersized yoyo, even more stable than the Cliff.

(WildCat23) #14

56 is not undersized…


I went to a contest and Zach Gormley let me try the GE. I was very amazed on how it felt and played. I was very fond of the GE. I dont know if people actually hate it. Possibly because it didn’t came out with a whole ton of crazy colors like jack rabbit editions or 28 stories.


The GE is 54.6mm. I still wouldn’t call that undersized, but it isn’t 56mm.


The GE is one of the smoothest CLYW throws in my opinion. The H shape gives it a stable, solid, smooth spin :slight_smile: