Community project design idea


What do you all think of such a community collab where each participant contribute one roughly equally divided section

The yoyo will be divided into 10 sections total, or 5 for the outer curve and 4-5 for the inner cup profile.

The final design for every section will be decided in a certain fixed amount of time.

During this period everyone can submit their design for the active section.

A valid submission needs to span an axial width of 3.5 to 4.2mm, which roughly corresponds to a total yoyo width of 39 to 47 mm if extrapolated.

Every submission must be accompanied by an illustration of the designer’s interpretation of the rest of the yoyo; these will not be made public.

People then vote on the designs to decide a final pick for that section. Only the sections themselves will be shown, and not the concepts of the remainder of the yoyo.

It is probably not necessary to draw in a specific file format; anything with accurately drawn proportions may be accepted.

(rizkiyoist) #2

This seems like a fun project, however since as you know everyone have their own preference, ‘averaging’ the design doesn’t necessarily make a yoyo that suits everyone.
I have a couple of designs under my sleeve.