The one main problem with general yo is that they are expensive and rare. So why doesn’t ernie open up a factory in china? The problem with that is that ernie takes so much pride IN AMERICA. So instead of calling it general yo b grade, we can call it communist-yo (is that offensive?)

lol really?

Why should he call b grades communist-yo?
General yo is not a big company like yyf, they don’t have enough money to build a factory at china


I find that very offensive, and whats wrong with American made products? Why not support the small buisnesses in the US? I think the small, limited runs of general yos adds to the specialness of the yoyos and allows them to be made with greater quality.

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I think you should look into the meaning of communism.

Theres nothing wrong with american made products
I just hate the quantity of american yoyos. I currently know of 1 place where you can get a hatrick. I
think if ernie took out a loan and made more hatricks at reduced prices, we could both be happy. The communist yo idea is because china is represented by communism while america is represented by generals. I should have been clearer. Thread locked