Coming Soon From DYonch and Mark26...

Hello guys, My name is Mark White, DYonch (David Yoncha) and I will be the ones selling these yoyos. As you can see, these yoys are high quality and we take special care and thought into each and everyone. Unlike past yoyo modders, we have taken the initiative to donate to worth-while causes. These causes are listed above in the original post. Please buy one fast as they are recieving a lot of interest. There are only 12 of these limited addition Higby painted ones scheduled to sell. Pre-Orders are not being accepted at the moment but if you are interested in purchasing a helping(free)hand then please reply to this thread. Reply to this thread and we will pm you with updates

I’m DEFINITELY getting one! I can’t wait!

I will totaly buy one as long as I have enough money when they come out. Please keep me updated.

Yeah I’m making sure to keep enough money. Are you selling them for $55 with a KK bearing?

You guys will probably have the option of adding a KonKave Bearing (of course, you will have to add $15).

Cool. This is sorta like a Product (RED) item. I would like to get a hold on one of Higby’s masterpiece.

I might pick one up myself. Do they come with counterweights?

They sure do. We might even do some special ones ;)!

That’s great you guys. :wink:

Cooool, I will really need one of these.

Please keep me updated with this! I would even throw in a little extra for the charities.

Im really looking forward on buying one of these can you guys please keep me informed and when they come out im definetly getting one so please Mark26 and Dynoch please keep me informed.

I’m interested, keep me updated. :slight_smile:

I too am interested

Sweet! I hope it is plastic yoyo.

Happy THrowing! =]

Awesome! :smiley:
Totally looking forward for the release.

Yup, full plastic FHZ :wink:

That is so cool I would like to get one. :slight_smile:

I am so going to get one! :slight_smile:

Everyone is PM’d…

We just got our box of 12 FHZs!

We’ll be modding them ASAP so stay tuned!