Coming back, need a Metal -- What would you suggest?

Price range - Up to 100$, but will adjust if needed.

Looking for - Stability/speed/slightly undersized (Without sacrificing stability).

Playstyle - Leaning toward learning more fast/technical tricks.

Anything else you need to know to make a recommendation, tell me.

Thanks ;D

Markmont seems to be pretty popular, haven’t played it myself though.

But for half the price you could get a Dv888 which is basically the same thing. The Dv888 is also extremely stable.

I’ve actually just found out there’s a yoyo called the “Gnarwhal” by CLYW, I had no idea.
Gnarwhally has been my name on most forums/internet places for years.

Would this YoYo be a good choice?

It’s fantastic!

Gnarwals are great. I know a guy selling one if you need one as they are hard to come by at the moment.

The C3YoYoDesign DiBase and Capless are models to consider. The YoYoSkeel Stalker is a little speed machine as well.

Seriously, one you break $60(usually, not always have to go that high), you get stability “standard”. Really, honestly, if you throw good, any yoyo made today is gonna be stable provided it’s not a junker yoyo. Even low priced stuff like the Stackless Grind machine, PSG, Asteroid and Lyn Fury are stable on a good throw.

Alright, I guess I’ve made a decision then. I’ll shoot you a PM and look around the b/s/t for a Gnarwhal.

Thank you everyone!

same shape, but doesn’t play at all the same.

The Burnside’s a great choice too.