combo chains?

I was wondering if thier was a specific name for chains or combos of yoyo tricks. Is thier some basic ones that i should know? where could i find these chanins?

Make your own!

As everyone has said you just make your own. It all goes with what you know & think looks good, but there are some tricks that just flow together. For example a lot of the tricks in the learn section of this site work well together. Like a mix of white Buddah and Buddah’s revenge or a matrix to countless tricks to be honest. But like I said it depends on what you know & what YOU think looks good.

ok so…make my own! But is thier a name to these? because up till now i just interchange combo/chain/grouping/etc because i don’t know the official term… ???

its just called a combo

A lot of people choose to not name their combos. This is probably because they make up new ones all the time.

ok, so its a combo, and people don’t name them. because i don’t know all the tricks yet, acctually i now very few, are the combos in the competitions relatively similar, or are they all different (again all i see is thier going very fast, i can’t spot the individual tricks)

Try some that use the same mount or can be easily changed to the right mount. Like you can do a matrix, go into the cold fusion until you’re in one and a half mount, then do a Buddha’s revenge, or revolutions.

If you try to watch people you could see some similarities between everyone, but that persons routine just goes with what they are good at or variations they came up with. So they might have a couple things in common but they all have their own tricks and variations.

im not creative

l0l what i’ve learned is the more tricks you know the much much easier it is to come up with variations.

yea im starting to see how you can combo them because of how they end, i just lack the practice so far to do a combo :’(

Just like everyone says practice makes perfect, just practice and you’ll hit that one big combo you’ve been waiting for and be really happy. That’s how it happened for me and I was so so so happy when it just flowed together.

what section where you on when you did this?

When I made combos?

yea, like advanced, expert 1-2 master, where were you on thier when you did your first combo

I’m halfway done through advanced, part 1&2 (cant nail that 1.5 mount) but i’ve come up with 4 combos so far.