combo chains?

Advance part one because you can learn to do rewind into a double or nothing to a matrix.

oh, i’m learing rewind right now :D. still have trouble on fourth, and never landed fifth spin! practice!

Yup yup and once you get that down and learn some more tricks you’ll be able to see the transitions you can make. I say that because you don’t have to do a full trick you can do one and in the middle of it transition to another trick. The stuff i’m talking about is a little more advance then the stuff your practing.

Make sure you have a good sleeper/breakaway and then when you come to the end of a trick, throw another one in there that starts from the same mount. For example, you could do Jade Whip, then Iron Whip, then Kwijibo but before the last pop do some Revolutions, then land the double or nothing and do Cold Fusion. Just something you could do but like everyone has said make your own. It’s FUN!

yea sure sounds and looks like fun! i got to learn these tricks fast!

btw, how long did it take you to finish the entire list of 1A tricks, ive only been yoyoing for like 3 weeks so…not a very good perspective.

what say you?

Well I’m at the master now and I know tricks not on this site, I’ve been yoyoing since February this year.

god your fast thats…four months! i thought it would take a year to get that far! is thier a secret, or does it get eisiar after you master certain tricks?

My very first one was: Atomic bomb to Ripcord to Wormhole to Gyro Flop.

Well as you see I am a real fast learner and yes once certain tricks clicked to me everything just fell into place from me. Also my friend has been learning right beside me at the same pace but we did different tricks so if I tried a trick he knew he would help me.